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Mo-Johns will deliver clean units fully equipped with the necessary supplies and chemicals for immediate use to your site. We understand and go to great lengths to ensure you have well maintained units with service on a schedule that will meet your needs.  Extra cleaning services upon request are available for an additional fee.

All construction units are equipped with standard venting, urinals and spring loading doors with inside latches.  These models are made of durable polyethylene and can withstand the normal wear and tear on construction sites.

Standard units are 4' x 4' x 8' tall.  Handicap accessible units are 5' x 5' x 8' tall.  The handicap units have an oversized door opening and a spacious interior and a handrail for wheel chair accessibility.

Any of these units can be customized by adding the following:
  • Sink (equipped with water, soap and paper towels)
  • Hand Sanitizer (soap dispense containing an anti-bacterial gel)
  • Steel Hook (provides a way to lift the unit to a special location)
  • Locks
For your additional equipment needs, check out our wash stations, holding tanks and roll-off containers.