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Frequently Asked Questions
What is your service area?

We service 26 counties in Central Virginia for example:  Buckingham, Albemarle, parts of Green County, Henrico, Hanover, Caroline, Amelia, Powhatan, Chesterfield, Louisa and Spotsylvania.  Not sure if you are in our service area?  Just give us a call!  Our service area is rapidly growing, and if we can't service it, we can probably give you the number of someone who can!

You got questions?
We got answers!

Portable Toilets

How many portable toilets do I need?

Construction:  One portable toilet is good for 9 men on a 40-hour work week.  The addition of men or work hours will affect the quality of service attainable per toilet.
Event:  One toilet for every 100 people attending the event (this estimate is based on a four-hour event).  If access is limited to certain times of the day, such as intermission at a concert, lines may require a smaller ratio.  On the other hand, if a large amount of liquids are being served, you may want to rent additional units to reduce the chance of the units "filling up" and becoming unusable for the remainder of the event.

Where can a portable toilet be placed on a job site?

We must be able to get our trucks within 25 feet of the portable toilet.  A full toilet can not be moved manually, and if we cannot reach the unit, we cannot service the unit.

What are the sizes of your portable toilets?

  • Standard Portable Toilet:  4'x4'x8' tall
  • VIP Flushable Toilet:  4'x4'x8' tall
  • Handicap Accessible  Toilets:  5'x5'x8' tall

What colors do they come in?

Our portable toilets come in a variety of colors.  The Party units come in Blue, Green, Aqua, Grey, raspberry, or Tan.  Our Flushable VIP units come in a choice of two colors, White or Soft Grey.

Do they have lighting?

Portable toilets were designed for spaces without power or water.  However the tops are translucent to allow light to come through.  A "tap" light will work for an event held at night.

Do I need to furnish any toilet supplies?

Your portable toilet will be delivered with adequate supplies.  Generally, some supplies may differ depending on the type of unit you ordered.  A few examples of supplies are toilet tissue, paper towels, hand soap, hand sanitizer, and chemicals.

What happens if a unit is damaged on my property?

At Mo-Johns, we know that sometimes nature and normal wear and tear can play a role in damaging a unit.  However, we will hold the customer responsible for vandalism, theft, and damage done by people or machinery.  Mo-Johns does offer a damage waiver program to our customers.  The fee for this service is $5 per month.

How often are the construction units serviced?

Unless the customer specifies otherwise, we service our construction units and our seasonal units ONCE A WEEK.  For additional cleanings per week, there will be an additional charge.

For longer events, do you offer extra cleaning and when are they serviced?

For an extra fee, we do offer multi-day cleanings.  We try to coordinate all cleaning and maintenance during non-event hours.

My event is on the weekend - when will you deliver and pick-up?

We wish we could deliver every party unit on a Friday and pick it up on Monday.  However, being that our service area is so large and the fact that most events are held during the summer (our busiest time of the year) ... we normally deliver the party units between Wednesday and Friday (depending on when our drivers are doing their deliveries in your area). 

We will pick it up as soon as possible the following week.  If your event is in a location where early delivery is not allowed; we will be happy to work with you.  In addition, if you require Same-Day Delivery and Pickup, there may be an extra fee, but we will be able to meet your requirements.

Do I need a water or electricity hook-up?

Our portable toilets are self-contained and do not require water or electricity hook-up.

How do you flush a portable toilet?

Our Flushable VIPs are unique because they do flush.  You don't see any of the waste, and you flush by stepping on a foot pump, so you also don't have to touch anything with your hands!

Roll-Off Containers

What are the different sizes of your roll-offs and what do they cost?

We have 15-yard, 20-yard, and 30 yard dumpsters.  The dimensions are as follows:

  • 15-yard - 42'H x 16'L x 7.5'W
  • 20-yard - 54'H x 16'L x 7.5'W
  • 30-yard

Our Roll-offs are competitively priced.  Just call the office and let them know what size you will need and they will immediately be able to give you the price for the rental.

VIP Bathroom/Comfort Station

What do we need to make the VIP Bathroom/Comfort Station operative at my location?

First, you need to have a level area or blacktop for us to set the trailer in.  Second, a power and a water source should be within close proximity.  If these are not available at your location, we can provide these requirements at an extra fee.

What size is your restroom trailer?

Our restroom trailer bathroom area measurements are 20' x 8.5'.  The length of the entire unit is 26 feet long.  The Men's area consists of 1 stall, 3 urinals, two sinks, and a large mirror.  The Women's area contains 3 stalls, two sinks, and a large mirror.  The interior structure is mainly stainless steel with white walls and a hunter green counter top/stall dividers, giving our restroom trailer a simple yet elegant appearance.

What other features are available with your
VIP Bathroom/Comfort Station?

Our VIP Bathroom/Comfort Station was designed with comfort in mind!  Not only does it contain a Heat & Air Conditioning System, there is a Stereo system as well!

Free Standing Wash Stations?

Do you offer sinks so that I can wash my hands?

We have portable toilets that have sinks inside, and we also have self-contained sinks that we call "Free-Standing Sinks."  These sinks can be set up outside of the units, and can service either 2 or 4 people at the same time!

How much water is in the sinks?

Each sink holds approximately 45 gallons of water.

What are the dimensions on your freestanding sinks?

Each sink is about 3x3x4.

Septic Tank Cleaning

Do you clean septic tanks, and how often should a septic be cleaned?

Yes, we do pump out septic tanks, and we recommend that you have your septic cleaned out at least once every five years to keep it maintained.  However, emergencies do occur at the worst times, so just give us a call, and we'll get someone out there to assist you.